Bidet, Angle Valve
Bidet, Angle Valve
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1. Nozzle Self-Cleaning
2. Water Pressure Control
3. Easy to Install & Safe to Use
4. Unisex General Hygiene Clean
5. No Electricity or Battery Required

Non-Electric Sanitary Toilet Seat Bidets NB200B

This bidet is installed underneath your toilet seat, hooks up straight to the toilets water tank!

- Operation Theory of Cold Water Only Toilet Bidets:

Only need to connect the cold only bidet with bathroom water supplly, not need to change anything in the restroom.

No electric part is needed. Just control the water pressure by the knob switch.


- Advantages of NAVISANI Cold Water Bidet

1. With wide installation scope, with an adjustable installation plate, which can be suitable for about 90% toilet in the market.

2. Easy installation without extra professional tools.

3. More eco-friendly than dry toilet paper by hand.